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Service in South Africa

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread..." - John Muir

I find so much truth in this statement from Muir. My mind tends to wander to a desert sunrise, or the sweeping peace of the Pacific Ocean when I read it. But after 18 days in South Africa with the Simunye Project, it strikes a chord for different reasons. Working with 20 high school students and a remarkable team of adults, the time we spent connecting with communities in Johannesburg and schools outside of Hoedspruit confirmed the idea that an inspiring environment allows us to thrive. There is nourishment to be found in the beauty of a brightly painted wall, a freshly washed desk, or a newly planted garden. I could tell a hundred stories about Simunye, but for now I'm loving thinking about how the murals we painted at three different schools will serve as reminders to the students and the teachers that they are loved and appreciated.

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