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Bird and Fruit Pitcher


Fish and Lotus Plate

Poppy Mug

Blossom and Stem Pitcher

White Cosmos Mug in Pink

Cloud Pitcher

Bird and Fruit Mug in Blue

Red Cloud Pitcher

Black and Orange Cosmos and Clover Mug

Blue and Orange Cosmos and Clover Mug

Fish and Lotus Vase on Black Clay

Bird and Fruit Mug in Pink 

Artist's Note: I strive to create hand-made ceramic tableware that reflects my love for color and nature. The imagery embedded in each piece is reminiscent of beloved places and pastimes. Vast skies, quiet trout streams, and summer blossoms serve as endless inspiration.


Working with clay and slips colored with mason stains has allowed me to utilize my painterly sensibility in a 3D medium. After applying multi-layered stencils cut from original drawings onto flat slabs, I construct the “printed” clay into mugs, pitchers, or plates.

Custom Orders: If you see something on this page that catches your eye, contact me about a custom order. New pieces can be made in the size, shape, and style of the items displayed in this gallery. Orders may take up to 6 weeks to complete and ship. 

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